Swim Instruction


Private Swimming lessons have ended for the summer season.

Also, please check out swim instruction possibilities with our Wild Orca Sponsors, Waterloo Swimming at 3200 W Anderson Lane


 Rob Mack, Pool Manager
512 345-4235 or email
FOR OUR WANNA-BE ORCA KIDS: Availability pending in Spring 2022

Spring / Pre-Competitive (“Mini-Team”) — pre-competitive swim lessons for “not-yet-ready” Orca Wannabes (minimum age is 5 as of 1/1) and older, who are already water-safe, comfortable & can hold focus in class environment for close to 25 min.   We do our best to get them ready for the team!

Spring / “Tune-Up”— a pre-summer program for “Junior” or “Teen & Tween” swimmers who have had summer or other “novice” type club experience and are looking to improve swimming skills and gain stamina for the upcoming summer club season.

Summer / “Mini-Team” — pre-competitive swim lesson session for children 4 & older who may not yet know how to swim with proper technique but are comfortable in the water in a class setting. Great for those looking to swim next year with the Wild Orcas!

Coached Swim for Kids (post Orca Season) — There is life after Orcas! This session is for swimmers who would like to train on a casual level but may not “yet” be interested in year-round competition. While enjoying the camaraderie of a swim-training group, swimmers will work on age appropriate skills. This program is usually held late summer and into the school year depending on interest.

Call/Text Sandy: 512-327-0955 | Or, go to: Coachtogo.com

FOR ADULTS: *cancelled until further notice*

TeamTexas Masters — open to adults ages 18 and older of all skill levels.   TeamTexas offers training for competitive swimmers, triathletes, and fitness swimmers & boasts a happy and supportive group of swimmers with whom to train.  Come learn new skills, build your stamina, and enjoy new swim friends. Beginners & somewhat out-of-shape former swimmers welcome! If you can get across the pool in some fashion, we can work with you 🙂

M,W,F @ 7-8a (June through Sept)
M,W,F @ 7-8a and 8-9a (Oct through May)
Discount for WO Members when at Westover & for GH Members when at GH

Call/Text Sandy: 512-327-0955 | Or, go to: Coachtogo.com