Latest News

Effective October 1, 2022, membership dues will change:

Quarterly dues are $262.50 each quarter
Annual dues are $1,000.00. Payments must be made by Nov. 15 to receive the annual payment discount.

2022 Board of Directors (1/21/2022)

The new Board of Directors for the upcoming year are:

Bharath Vasudevan                 President

Cathy Douglas                           Vice President

Kevin Neumann                        Secretary

Chris Bauer                                  Treasurer

Charles Ballard                          Member

Frances Brooks                              Member

Brent Harrell                                   Member

Michael Parker                               Member

Mark Strickland                             Member

Meetings for the Board of Directors are on the third Tuesday of each month.  At this time, all meetings are held virtual.  Please call the office to schedule an item for the agenda or to attend virtually.


The club has recently installed a new gate card system for the two main doors.  Please call or email the office to upgrade your existing card to the new format.  Thank you.