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The club has recently installed a new gate card system for the two main doors.  Please call or email the office to upgrade your existing card to the new format.  Thank you.

2021 Board of Directors (2-1-21)

The new Board of Directors for the upcoming year are:

Bharath Vasudevan                 President

Charles Ballard                          Vice President

Melissa Harrell                           Secretary

Chris Bauer                                    Treasurer

Karen Lundquist                          Member/Social Chair

Cathy Douglas                               Member/Social Chair

Frances Brooks                              Member

Drew Halich                                     Member

Kevin Neumann                              Member

Meetings for the Board of Directors are on the second Tuesday of each month.  At this time, all meetings are held virtual.  Please call the office to schedule an item for the agenda or to attend virtually.

COVID – 19 Updated Information effective 12-15-2020

Dear Members…
In accordance with the city of Austin & the Governor’s orders, as well as CDC guidelines, here are our Updated Covid-19 Policies, and specifically our mask use policy.

  • Members are required to wear masks to enter the property since we are an open air outdoor recreation facility and when using our restrooms masks are required.
  • Members who want to enter our main office must wear masks. You also have the option to address us at the office window, or use our drop box and/or our online services.
  • All of our facilities (except showers, the field behind tennis courts & water service) are open BY RESERVATION ONLY through the www.rmc2020.reservemy website.
  • A signed Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 is required from all members, guests and service participants before entering the premises.
  • Only 3 guests per membership. Guest fees will apply.
  • Staff will be wearing masks at the pool check-in station, at the summer camp check-in and check-out station and in the office.
  • If you’re sick or have a temperature, do not enter the property.
  • You must have a reservation to enter the property for the pool, tennis court, gym, lesson/class.
  • Our governing board has cancelled all club, outside events and facility rentals until further notice.

Thank you for being a member, and for supporting us through these unprecedented times.